Small companies as well as big corporations

We carry out research market and public opinion poll projects including consequent consultancy for clients from various businesses of different sizes. We prefer open and long-lasting cooperation built on trust.

Depending on the type of research, we interview respondents using CATI, i.e. computer assisted telephone interviewing, CAPI, i.e. computer-assisted personal interviewing, CASI and CAWI, i.e. computer-assisted web interviewing, or PAPI, i.e. pen-and-paper interviewing.


When carrying out quantitative research, we use quota-based selection as a rule, although we also use probability selection models every now and then. The questioning is done primarily in respondents’ homes. As for IN HALL concept or product tests or quick minor surveys, the questioning is done on the street.


As far as qualitative research is concerned, it is done through focus groups or via individual in-depth interviews.

We use a whole range of comprehensive tools and technologies for individual marketing research areas. The following list shows what we do most frequently for our clients:


  • Consumer behaviour research
  • Brand image study
  • Pre-post advertisement and communication tests
  • Mystery shopping / calling projects
  • Concept and product tests
  • Churn research
  • Tracking research (advertising tracking or consumer tracking)
  • Product Performance Monitor
  • Trading area surveys
  • Segmentation, typology, life style
  • Research of potential and purchasing simulation
  • Price sensitivity research
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty research