Only 5 years ago we carried out online questionnaires among 10% of respondents. Last year it was already 70%. We have our own online panel that we keep expanding and enhancing on a continuous basis.

Face to face CAPI

80% of our face to face interviewers collect data using laptops. It is faster and cheaper, it is of higher quality and there’s better control.

Regular omnibus

Multi-client surveys

For 23 years on a monthly basis using a representative sample of 18+, formerly face to face, recently a combination of online and CATI questionnaires. Clients can enter their own questions or buy a ready-made multi-client survey from various industries and with different foci.

Focus groups

In-depth interviews

CLT tests

In Prague in our own studio, elsewhere in more than 100 cities throughout the Czech Republic with moderators specialising in various industries. At the same time there is a possibility to stream audio and video. Or online FG, online IDI or TELEDEPTH.

Telephone CATI

VOIP, 25 places, anonymisation, separate workrooms, audio recording, continuous quality monitoring, automatic and intentional selections.

Mystery shopping, calling

Over 1000 mystery shoppers regularly fictitiously buying various goods and services – from FMCG, banking, telco and energy products, to cars and flight tickets.

Evaluation, PR, infographics

We use clear outputs, infographics and publish some results regularly.


From January 2023, we use artificial intelligence OpenAI – ChatGPT for coding spontaneous responses and for evaluating final reports from individual researches, which significantly shortens the evaluation time for us and our clients and makes the final output cheaper and better.