We have been providing our clients from various industries with full marketing research services for 25 years.
Our clients include not only large corporations but also smaller companies. We always put emphasis on quality, flexibility and clarity, and we always want our work to be as much beneficial and useful to the client as possible. Therefore, we like ad hoc surveys that have a clear goal and assignment.

We use a variety of licensed and free technologies such as Perception Analyser, ACA conjoint, eye camera, video mystery shopping, verbal potential calibration, NPS, Effort Score… but we always adjust them according to project and client goals and we never do it the other way around.

We know that each client and project are different so we always offer unique solutions. At the same time, we know how important and interesting is to make a comparison. For a quarter of a century on the Czech market, we have not only gained enough experience, but also sufficient benchmark in selected areas.

We are a corporate member of ESOMAR, which means – for us and our clients – that we follow its rules and procedures and that quality matters to us and it is not just an empty term.